Membership Information

Applicants for membership submit their application form to the board of directors who will present the request to the next general membership meeting. General membership meetings begin at 7 p.m. on the last Tuesday of each month at Atlantic Aviation, the FBO on the field. Applicants should be present when their application is reviewed by the membership.

Current rates for membership can be seen from the table below: (For more detailed information you may wish to call or e-mail our club president at (574) 288-4705.

Non-refundable Initiation Fee (Student Pilots) $100
Non-refundable Initiation Fee (Other Pilots) $500
Monthly Dues
* There is an additional "Operating Fee" of $30 per month that is waived with 1 hour minimum flight time the previous month.

Membership application form

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E-mail completed applications to the club secretary Seth Tatel or bring it to the next monthly meeting.

Club Rules and Regulations

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Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

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ID Badge Procedure

First of all, obtain a badge application form. This should be available from Atlantic or the Airport Authority office located at the east end of the airport terminal. You can park in the East Parking Lot, just across the South Shore tracks for badging purposes, just be sure to advise the Operations personnel on duty of where you are parked and the type of vehicle that you drive. Then fill out the top two thirds of the form COMPLETELY. If the form is not completely filled out it will be destroyed and you will need to start the whole process all over again. Next, have the form signed by one of the Wings Flying Club Officers. After they sign the form take it to Atlantic, preferably during regular business hours and have it signed by Christy Peterson or Jay Wardlaw.

And finally, bring the form to the Airport Authority office along with a Passport or a combination of; 1. a current Drivers License and 2. either a Social Security card or original or certified copy of your birth certificate and your old T-Hanger badge if you have one. If you are renewing a badge within 30 days prior to it's expiration you will be immediately issued a new badge. If you do not currently have an active badge or if you have let your badge expire you will need to wait for a STA or Security Threat Assessment to be completed which may take several weeks, after which you will need to return to the Airport Authority office with a current drivers license or an approved federally issued picture ID. Their hours are 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.

Failure to follow any of these steps will result in multiple trips to the Airport Authority Office and needless aggravation for ALL parties involved.